Hiya! I'm Julunis14!
I'm an "artist" who draws ponies and other cool stuff.

OPENS: April/May
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Scroll all the way down to find Terms of Service and read them before contacting me!
Special offer commissions have Special ToS as well!
All prices here are in USD!




digital doodle / sketch drawing of your character

  • base price: messy thick sketch lineart, no color with minimal shading

  • color available

Price+ colors
Headshot$5+ $3
Fullbody$10+ $5


  • base price: clean sketch lineart, clean color and minimal shading

  • detailed and complex shading available

  • simple background included

  • detailed background available (priced on individual basis)

  • next character +50% of the first character's price

Price+ detailed shading
Headshot$15+ $10
Half-body$25+ $10
Fullbody$35+ $10

- minimal shading -

shading only on back wings/ears/legs, on muzzles (if possible), below necks and below characters themselves
included in the base price

- detailed shading -

shading on more places on the characters + lightning effects + colored outlines if possible
+ $10 to the base price

- complex shading -

complex shading/lighting + colored outlines if possible
priced individually


  • base price: clean and colored (or black) outlines, full colors and complex shading, simple background

  • detailed and complex backgrounds available

  • next character +50% of the first character's price

  • cell or soft-shaded (your or my choice)

+ Background+$10 - ...

♥ cell-shaded art-style ♥

♥ soft-shaded art-style ♥


unique digital ref sheet - $45

  • includes one custom pose (profile or 3/4), name, simple accessories, cutie mark, colors and customizable notes

  • all pony-like races and genders are welcomed!

  • FOR ADDITIONAL FEE - additional headshots (profile/front), additional body parts, complicated accessories, pony doodles

  • can do "double-refs" (see Iskierek!) for reduced price if the pose of two refs is the same (eg. for ponies in armor / clothing, true / disquised changelings etc.)

  • guide price for Iskierek's double refs - $75 for a set


  • drawn with promarkers on A5 paper (one-sided)

  • cut out and laminated

  • can have a lanyard hole or a rectangular hole with a bagde clip!

  • perfect for a con badge!

$50 for one character
(shipping costs not included, see below!)


  • drawn with promarkers on A5 paper

  • max. 2 characters with simple background (can be nogociated with foals)

  • next character +75% of the first character's price

  • shipping cost not included

Headshot$30 - $35
Half-body$35 - $40
Fullbody$40 - $45
+ shippingsee below!


  • drawn on A5 paper

  • next character +50% of the first character's price

  • shipping not included

  • arts put into a frame will be cut out from the bottom to fit into the frame (about 1-2cm)

+ plexi frame+$5
+ shippingsee below!


  • drawn on A6 notebook's front cover (eco-paper)

  • only headshot, minimal art-style

  • can be furry or pony!

$30 for one character
♥ click here ♥

~ Somethin... else? ~

If you would like to commission something that isn't listed above (eg. comic, wallpaper, fanfic cover, mixed art-styled art, T-Shirt art, VERY simple animation) just write to me and we'll see, price is discussed on an individual basis then :3


Shipping MethodWorldwide
Tracked Registered Shipping (Polish Post)$6

Shipping in Poland (paczkomat/Poczta Polska) - 12 zł


Please, read them before placing an order!
If you contact me, I assume you read and know the rules and so do I

What I draw? - ponies, canon and original characters from My Little Pony, feral furries (or anthro headshots), animals, dragons, Pokémon
What I can draw? - saucy, suggestive, light-gore
What I don't draw? - humans, anthro, gore, a lot of fetishes (ask me), foalcon, very complicated indoor background, very complicated robotic or electronics things like robots, cars, ships, planes, other vehicles, NSFW in general

  • Payment after accepting the sketch via PayPal in USD (invoice) // REVOLUT in USD (no invoice) OR via Bank Transfer in EUR (only for people form euro-based countries, no invoice)

  • I prefer contacting via Discord / Telegram, but you can also contact me in PM on Twitter

  • You need to have a picture of your character with flat colors (pony creator / pony town pic at least, not text). I'm okay with NSFW ref pics, but please warn me first and send them spoilered / through a link with no preview.

  • Changes during the sketch phase are free! :)

  • The default digital art format is 350 dpi A4 page (4093x2894px) in .png (RGB color profile). This can be smaller for Doodles! If you need / want the size or dpi to be different (or need a CMYK version), please tell me during the sketch phase. Requesting bigger canvas may result in the price getting higher. The traditional arts are usually drawn on A5 paper (marker paper or eco paper), depending on the artwork. If you want me to draw traditionally in bigger format, please tell me while ordering the art, since the price can become higher.

  • Don't be afraid to tell me about your character or attach inspirations, photos, screenshots of poses or simple sketches you made! I'm not native in English and sometimes a messy sketch is way more understandable for me than 4-paragraph long description! :)

  • Once you accept the sketch and I start working on the art, I don't make any changes to it

  • I don't do refunds after you approve the sketch and I start working on your art. I can refund your art if I feel I won't be able to finish it in two-three months.

  • Every price in this pricelist is subject to change depending on the character's design's complexity, number of characters and background complexity

  • I'm not accepting NSFW commission for some time now.

  • I reserve the right to refuse to take your commission (without giving any reason).

  • I reserve the right to publish your finished art on my social media or use it for posters/banners etc.

  • You are allowed to use the commissioned artwork as a profile picture/avatar OR to print as a poster, mug, sticker, t-shirt etc. FOR YOUR OWN USE.

  • You are NOT allowed to use my artwork commercially (to make money) unless it's discussed.

  • You are NOT allowed to put any commissioned artworks I did for you in any AI databases.

  • If my signature/watermark is obscure (e.g. when the art is transparent and the watermark clearly covers a part of the character), you receive two versions - with and without the watermark. You can use the version without the watermark as stated before (printing things for yourself, using as pfp), but if you want to upload the art to any social media, you have to use the watermarked version.

  • If you upload my art anywhere, please credit me! It can be a link to my Twitter or Deviantart, or just a mention of my nickname :) PLEASE DON'T UPLOAD MY ARTS TO YOUR DEVIANTART ACCOUNT! Thank you!

  • Drawing may take me a while - I'm a working student and I have a family to take care of - so you may have to wait up to month or two to get your art (depends on your place in the queue and my health). I don't usually follow the queue 'first come-first serve', but choose arts that I want to work on first, because it's more efficient for me.

  • I can provide Work-In-Progress screenshots of your art if you wish.

  • If you need the art for a specific date or occasion - let me know before you place an order and make sure to give me a reasonable deadline (about 1 month)

  • If you want me NOT to publish your art or WIPs before a certain date or you want the art to not be published at all - let me know while ordering the art

  • If you want me to mail your traditional art to you please let me know before you make a payment


Discord - Julunis14#2288
Telegram - @Julunis14
Twitter - @Julunis14
(if you want to use telegram, PLEASE write why you're contacting me in the first or second message, I'm sick of dealing with bots, so I may just block someone automatically if I get one more "hi" message from a stranger)